Everything you need to know about leveraging Clubhouse to grow your business and your following…all without being “camera-ready.”

You got into Clubhouse…

But now what??

Let me know if any of this sounds familiar when it comes to your Clubhouse experience:


  • You opened the app and closed it almost immediately because you felt overwhelmed and confused…what do I do now? 😥

  • You popped back in, poked around, added a few lines to your bio, and called it a day 🤷‍♀️

  • You joined some rooms and stayed because you loved the conversation but you were way too nervous to raise your hand and get up on stage to add your two cents 😰

  • You noticed that some rooms have a “club” attached to them but you don’t know what that means, or how to join one, or if they’re important. 🤔

  • You want to host your own room but you don’t know what you would name it, and you’re nervous that no one will show up 😕

If any of the above sound familiar then you’re in the right place! 


I want to say that I absolutely relate to your experience - Clubhouse is confusing AF when you first get on and don’t know how to use it. 


If you’re not yet on the app, then I want to let you know that what I mentioned above is how it typically goes for newcomers - so I want you to be prepared.


But here’s the thing:


When you have someone show you the Clubhouse ropes and help you get set up for success, your business can explode and you can see crazy amounts of growth.


AND... you get to skip over the learning curve and jump right into expert status.


Does that sound amazing or does that sound amazing?


It is possible! I’ve seen it happen, and I’ve helped over 240 people (and counting) do just that. 


I want to help you, too!


So if you’re ready to do this thing…



 Clubhouse For CEOs

The go-to mini-course for online entrepreneurs who want to maximize the crazy-popular yet still exclusive app to grow your business and your following.


It’s your time to leverage audio by maximizing visibility and exposure through this new social networking platform, and decrease the time you spend converting leads to clients from one week to one hour!


Just imagine how incredible it’s gonna feel when you can show up authentically on Clubhouse by simply sharing what you know - all without being “camera-ready”.

Hey! I’m Melissa Litchfield and I’ve been dubbed the Clubhouse Queen. ♣️👸🏻

(Not a title I went looking for - but one I will gladly accept!)


As soon as I got onto Clubhouse, I knew that it was going to explode. There’s nothing like it out there! 


It’s the first voice-only platform that allows you to connect with users without having to show your face - so you can join in on conversations and make connections without getting dressed up, putting makeup on, or even leaving your bed. 


As a mom and the CEO of a rapidly growing Facebook Ads agency, I realllly love being able to show up and grow my business exactly as I am in that moment without having to factor in any “getting ready” time. 


And the business opportunities that come from being on Clubhouse are endless… 


If you do it correctly. 


It only took about a week before my DMs were blowing up with new leads, my follower count grew significantly on the app and on Instagram, and I was sending out invoices to the new dream clients that signed on with me.


Here are the 30-day stats: I saw a 400% increase in content interactions on Instagram™, 400+ new followers and $3,500 in revenue from Clubhouse in just 30 days.


Within a month, I had 2,000 followers on Clubhouse all thanks to the tactics that I teach you in Clubhouse for CEOs!

And I’d like to introduce you to my co-moderator of Clubhouse For CEOs,

Savannah Meikamp


Savannah helps Creative Entrepreneurs build profitable and sustainable businesses, while prioritizing happiness. As a wife and mom of 2 under 2, Savannah believes that time is everything. She only invests her time where she sees the MOST ROI. As she got to know and love Clubhouse- she's not only seen but experienced enormous growth in engagement, following, and INCOME results from using the app strategically. 


When she's not on Clubhouse, you can find her playing with her kiddos, watching 'This Is Us', or having a Spa Day with her hubby!

As Seen  In

And I know what you might be thinking… 


“Melissa, you both started with a big following on Instagram, so of course your Clubhouse growth was easy. I don’t have that many followers so I don’t think this will work for me the same.”


I understand that. 


Here’s why I’m (politely!) saying that you’re wrong: 


And that’s not just a one-off.

So many are finding success on Clubhouse thanks to Clubhouse for CEOs!


Quinn's experience inside Clubhouse for CEOs:

"As a busy entrepreneur I knew Clubhouse could be amazing for my business, but I couldn’t afford to waste a lot of time in trial and error. “Clubhouse for CEOS” was an INVALUABLE support to get my Clubhouse game up and going quickly and strong. Now, I’m seeing my business grow as a result of engaging in Clubhouse and everything I learned. Grateful for the fast track to making Clubhouse work well for my business as quickly as possible. If you’re wondering about it, don’t even think about it! Just dive in. The faster you learn Clubhouse, the sooner your business will be able to benefit." - Quinn C.

Liz's experience inside Clubhouse for CEOs:

"I first met Melissa in a Clubhouse room of someone I was following and instantly connected to her fresh insight and authenticity. After continuing to binge her rooms whenever I was pinged in to join, I signed up for Clubhouse for CEO’s and I am so glad I did! While I had been on Clubhouse about a month prior to joining, I still wasn’t using the app in the most effective ways. I now feel confident approaching other creators and collaborators to co-moderate rooms and best practices for moving the conversations “off-Clubhouse” in a genuine way. I also grew my following to over 500 in a little over a month, something I was certainly not able to do on other social platforms. This course would be great for anyone looking to better understand the platform and how to effectively use it to grow and connect!" -Liz H.

Brittany's results from implementing Clubhouse for CEOs:

"Just finished my 2nd clubhouse room where I took a tip from you and let's just say I'm more than extremely pumped! In the last two days this tip has brought in an additional 80 DMs from those who listened to me on clubhouse. Which also leads those who listen to me on clubhouse to following me and engaging with my Instagram™ content." - Brittany B

Ariana's results from implementing Clubhouse for CEOs:

"I purchased Clubhouse for CEOs and I was blown away at the value that I received. This course is perfect for anyone who wants to learn about how Clubhouse works, and how to utilize it as a networking tool. Melissa walks you through everything from the features of the app, how to set up your bio, how to host a room, to her proven methods for success. She gives you the tips to be able to implement these right away and I have grown my followers and leads significantly since I took her course. I definitely recommend this course for anyone who’s interested in maximizing their visibility on Clubhouse!" - Ariana A.

Want to join them and find success on Clubhouse, too? 

Great! Here’s everything you get in this 4-part mini-course:


“Ok, I’m in!… now what?”

- App Overview, The Bio Trifecta, & CH Lingo -


First thing’s first - you get a lay of the land with an app overview. 


You’ll learn how to move effortlessly through the various areas of the app like the hallway, the search bar, the calendar, your events, your active mutual follows, and your profile.


I’ll show you how to schedule events and edit your rooms, and share the event links with your followers. You’ll get my #1 tip for organizing all of your events AND adding the links into your Instagram bio so sharing your events with your followers is easy peasy.


Once you’re comfortable navigating the app, you’re going to get a rundown of all of the Clubhouse-specific lingo you need to know about so you can talk the talk of a Clubhouse pro.


Then, you’re going to set up your bio for maximum conversions. There are 3 main components to a highly impactful bio, and the first three lines are critical. 


Trust me - you’ll be navigating the app like a pro in no time.

“I’m nervous to get up on stage. I don’t want to mess up.”

- Moderator & Speaker Etiquette Everyone Should Know -


When you’re inside a room, the view looks a little bit different depending on whether you’re a moderator or a participant, and each role is allowed to take different actions. 


In this section, you’ll see firsthand what the room looks like from a moderator’s point of view so you’re not overwhelmed or confused when you host your first room. 


You’ll also learn the proper etiquette and best practices for joining others on stage in rooms that you’re not moderating. The way you handle yourself up on stage can make or break your connections with the moderators, so this is a lesson you don’t want to skip. 


This section will truly calm your nerves. Yay!


“You mean… I have to actually host my own rooms?”

- The 4 Step Process for Moderating Like a Boss: Proven Methods That Convert -


Moderating can feel overwhelming at the start, but once you get your hands on my 4-step process for moderating, you’ll be rushing to schedule as many rooms as possible. 


Being great at moderating rooms is the secret to success and growth on Clubhouse. I’m sure you’ve already noticed that some rooms are poppin’ and others just fall flat… either way, it’s usually thanks to the moderator(s). 


When you moderate with confidence, you’ll build a reputation as someone whose rooms you cannot miss!


You’re getting all of the good stuff you need, and none of the fluff.

“Okay, but how do I get people to find me and my rooms?”

- Conversion & Visibility Techniques -


It’s one thing to get on the platform and optimize your bio. 


It’s another to use the tools on the app to get actual exposure and get your rooms in front of hundreds or thousands of eyes. 


Following the strategy that I set out in this section, you’ll reach more people than you ever thought possible - even if you don’t have a large personal following. 


You’ll also learn that Clubs are where it’s at!


I can’t even tell you how important and beneficial it is to set up your very own club on Clubhouse.


I truly believe that the clubs that will be successful for years to come are the ones being started and nurtured NOW. If you do your club correctly, you will have a group of raving fans all housed under one roof. 


Don’t say I didn’t warn you when your visibility skyrockets!



You also get access to a 30-minute Q and A session from when I ran this course live, and these 5 bonuses:


Clubhouse Lead Tracker

Keep track of the leads coming from Clubhouse to Instagram. See what leads do convert, track your conversion rates, and the revenue generated from each room you host.


Once you see the cold hard facts on the spreadsheet, you’re going to see the insane value in using Clubhouse.


Clubhouse Room Pitch Template

You’re going to need to reach out to others that you want to co-moderate with so you can gain exposure to their audience, but you can’t just message them out of the blue and say “hey want to do a room together?”


Especially if they have a much larger following than you. 


Being strategic about who you co-moderate with will help you to grow at lightning speed, and you don’t want to mess up that invitation for co-moderation. 


Use these strategies and templates to really knock this out of the park as you approach your Holy Grail 100 list.


 Bio Formula and Swipe File

An easy plug and play bio formula template to optimize your bio, plus a few swipe files of users who are rocking the app.


This will help you test different bios while you grow on the app and want to find out what works best!


Leverage Clubhouse Like a Boss Workbook

A convenient workbook for you to utilize and take notes while you watch each training video.


Easy to come back to for a refresh on all of the training materials whenever you need it!


This is especially helpful for all of the lingo you’ll be learning… trust me.


Clubhouse Profile Picture Template

Update your profile picture by using these Canva templates.


There are 6 different versions to help your photo stand out in a room without breaking the rules of Clubhouse.


You’re on your way to being recognizable and on-brand - I love that about you.


Here’s everything you’re getting inside of Clubhouse For CEOs:

Video Training 1: App Overview, Bio Trifecta, & Lingo   VALUE $97

Video Training 2: Moderator & Speaker Etiquette   VALUE $97

Video Training 3: Moderate Like a Boss, 4 Step Process   VALUE $97

Video Training 4: Conversion & Visibility Techniques    VALUE $97

Recorded Q and A   VALUE $97

BONUS 1 Clubhouse Lead Tracker   VALUE $27

BONUS 2 Moderator Room Pitch Template   VALUE $27

BONUS 3 Leverage Clubhouse Like a Boss Workbook   VALUE $27

BONUS 4 Clubhouse Bio Formula   VALUE $27

BONUS 5 Clubhouse Profile Picture Canva Template   VALUE $27

TOTAL VALUE :     $620

Get Clubhouse For CEOs today:

Only $37

(Yep, you read that right… only $37)

At this point, it may seem like everyone is on Clubhouse, but that’s actually not true. 


Clubhouse is still exclusively for iOS users and even if you have the app downloaded to your phone, you need a personal invite to get in. 


So the fact that you’re on Clubhouse means that you’re ahead of the game compared to so many people. 


And there is a tremendous opportunity for you to leverage Clubhouse for your business before the app opens up to everyone. 

But time is of the essence!


Opportunities like this only pop up every once in a while, and the ones who will come out on top of the craziness and hype that is Clubhouse are the ones who are willing to put in the effort and run with it before it goes public. 


(That’s now, and that could be YOU!)


Join the 240 people (and growing) inside Clubhouse For CEOs and start leveraging Clubhouse for your business!

Get Clubhouse For CEOs today:

Only $37

Our Guarantee To You


If you’re not 100% satisfied with the course or the bonus materials, just send us an email within 30 days, and we’ll give you a full refund, for any reason.


That means you can enroll today, and you don’t even have to decide if you’re in for good! Take a full 30 days to consume the video trainings, the Q&A, use the lead tracker, try out the Canva templates, and then let us know if Clubhouse For CEOs isn’t for you. 


You’ve got nothing to lose here!

Here are some student results!


Some others have asked...

Is this suited for e-commerce businesses? 

The app is still new and it keeps changing. Is the information in this mini-course up to date?

How long will it take me to get through this course?

I have an iPhone but I haven’t been able to find an invite to the app! Do I get one when I sign up with Clubhouse For CEOs?

Here’s everything you’re getting inside of Clubhouse For CEOs:

Video Training 1: App Overview, Bio Trifecta, & Lingo   VALUE $97

Video Training 2: Moderator & Speaker Etiquette   VALUE $97

Video Training 3: Moderate Like a Boss, 4 Step Process   VALUE $97

Video Training 4: Conversion & Visibility Techniques    VALUE $97

Recorded Q and A   VALUE $97

BONUS 1 Clubhouse Lead Tracker   VALUE $27

BONUS 2 Moderator Room Pitch Template   VALUE $27

BONUS 3 Leverage Clubhouse Like a Boss Workbook   VALUE $27

BONUS 4 Clubhouse Bio Formula   VALUE $27

BONUS 5 Clubhouse Profile Picture Canva Template   VALUE $27

TOTAL VALUE :     $620

Get Clubhouse For CEOs today:

Only $37

(Yep, you read that right… only $37)


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